Dork Fish

There are a lot of couples out there that have cutesy little names for each other. Some people call their spouse Cupcake, Love Muffin or Butternut Boo. Not in the Nuss house. Oh no, we are WAY to sarcastic and "funny" for that. Instead of something sweet, my husband calls me a Dorkfish.

How endearing.

You might think it's because he loves to fish and everything in his life relates to fishing in some way, but that's actually not it. He got this "sweet saying" from a comedian we love: Bill Engvall. Bill describes what a Dorkfish is here:

That is just too funny until I starting thinking about what this means my husband must think about me. I, like all wives, like to think that Brad sees me as an exotic Victoria's Secret model. In my mind, when he looks at me, he is seeing this:

Once he gave me the nickname Dorkfish I started to question how he saw me. Maybe, when he looked at me, instead of seeing a VS model he sees something a little less "exotic". I asked him about the nickname and he said that sometimes when I am telling a story I make a face that looks like what Bill describes in his stand-up act. I am very expressive and tend to make really silly faces when I talk. Apparently this is the face he was talking about:

People, I am a total Dorkfish. But the sweet part is, Brad loves me anyway. My nickname for him: Douchbag.


Just Kidding, you know I love you Sugar Britches!!


  1. Haha... awesome. When Austin and I started dating, we were making fun of a lot of the very romantic/cheesy couples out there who had nick-names for each other, i.e. honey-love, sweetie-pie, etc... well, we were going on and on and eventually "pooper-scooper" came out of my mouth as an example... not quite sure anyone has ever lovingly called someone "pooper-scooper" before, but when said in that "pet-name voice" it could be quite endearing... you should try it out...

    btw, we do occasionally call each other pooper-scooper AND sugar-britches... hahaha... love it.

    I WILL update my photo blog soon... stay tuned ;)

  2. Pooper-scooper? Ok, Im not going to complain about Dorkfish anymore...

  3. I think I have a photo of you making a similar face from like 9th grade after that Smashing Pumpkins concert!