Contributing Factors

 Things that drive me crazy…

  1. High heels with sweat pants
  2. High heels with bathing suits
  3. Children
  4. Children in heels
  5. Smacking
  6. Talking to me while I’m on the phone
  7. Talking to me while I'm watching a movie
  8. Children talking to me
  9. A size 12 girl squeezing into a size 8 dress
  10. A size 10 boy wearing size 14 jeans (lookin like a FOOL with your pants on the ground!)
  11. Waiting in any line for any thing
  12. Small talk
  13. Automated phone messages
  14. Being hot and having a stranger’s bare arm brush mine
  15. People who speak slowly
  16. Back hair
  17. Walking to close to me (mother!)
  18. The surgery channel
  19. Waiters who don’t write you order down and then screw it up
  20. Jhorts
  21. Having to press 1 for English
  22. Directv