First Post!

         Trying to start a blog is not unlike the frustration one faces with handed a rubics cube. It’s an impossible series of jumping through hoops and dealing with HTML which is a completely foreign language to me. I have started this blog on about 14,737 different hosting sights, bought a domain name and sat on hold for a total of 15 hours with various customer service centers. I'm a little frustrated and this is not the "final product" for how I want the layout to appear, but at least its something and a place to start. I have a few requests for the blog:

 1. Please comment so that I know you are out there!

2. Feel free to give me input on things that you like/hate... well mostly things you like

3. Don't take offense; it's all in good fun :)

       I am going to start off by posting some old funny stories that I use to email out to my friends. A literary walk down memory lane, if you will. I will start posting new material when I figure out how to work this whole blog thing....

1 comment:

  1. Yippee!!! I cannot wait for the sarcastic hilarity to ensue!!! And I am looking forward to enjoying some oldies but goodies while you get those high heels a'movin'! I am so glad you decided to do this. Once you get a little more blog-savvy, you might want to connect to a Twitter account so that people can follow you there too. Computer geekness awaits you, my darling. Good times. Good times, indeed.